1 Dec 2015

Let's Get Festive

time to get the dust off this old blog and get it ready for december shindig!

what with the holidays, christmases, old years, new years and my birthday (oh, yeah!) the whole month is basically one big party 'round the clock.

and what better way to kick things off than some trippin' scraps. so, like every good host, i figured i better offer my guests a bunch of freshly baked (well, ok, illustrated) cookies, bucket of eggnog and some trashy punch-drunk-love-sick-singalongs to lift up the mood. please, help yourselves!

these should come in handy for those fun times you're about to have baking treats with your kiddos. but also, should you be so lucky, documenting all the kitch & glamour from your anual office christmas party. unless, of course, you decide it's best to bury all discriminating evidence of the aformentioned event. 

how ever you decide to use this gift, is up to you. but please - do not drink and drive. ok?

be safe. be smart. and if you survive december, swing by again in january. who knows, i might or might not just leave another treat for you here.