2 Sep 2015

Bohemian Breeze

september's always been a special time of year in my life - with lots of turbulance, action, great expectations and blessed relief. when summer starts fading and just before all the autumn drama begins we get to enjoy those few glorious weeks of indian summer to breath in, gather our thoughts and be all like "damn, it's good to be alive"!   

for sure, a feeling like that fuels me with inspiration and i'm happy to go back to my paints and just let loose. you can see the results in this months bt kit- in one of the lovelies palettes and generously topped with gold shimmers. because september deservers it! i even pulled out our old bagata and went crazy making stitches. along with some usual stamping and snipping it's was an all round fun process!

since i enjoyed scrapping in this newly discovered format with square cards, i also created a complimentary set of 3x3' cards to bring some painted boho touches to your pockets

and for more awesomeness, collect the whole bt here

hope you have a september to remember, my dears! ;)