1 Aug 2015

A Bug's World

i am both fascinated and digusted by bugs.
hence this quite ambivalent scrap kit! 

on one hand, the stunning diversity of species, their ability to adapt and absolute perfection of the way each teeny tiny organism was created have inspired the style of my kit - something very pretty, clean & stylish.

on the other hand, i couldn't ignore the unpleasent, nerv wrecking encounters with those parasitic pests that crawl into the tiniest gaps and infest your entire life. and you know i'm not talking only about insects here. 

that's how i made a kit that celebrates their beauty, but also expresses the frustration of having to deal with blood sucking creeps. so whether you're a nature loving bug enthusiast or a desperate pest exterminator, in this pack you should be able to find some appropriate scraps for your pages! 

here's to a pest-free future! ;)

and hey, if you still haven't had enough of bugs, you'll find lots more here!