1 Mar 2015


the march blog train theme was really extensive and because i couldn't decide on just one animal/ color, i created something different.

a set of supplies good for general use, neutral enough to blend in any sort of page you're making but still funky enough to add some cool accents!

originally, i was only gonna share a set of handletter cards with you.
funny thing about handlettering i didn't realize at first - to achieve a proper brush stroke flow, you have to hold the brush in your right hand.
(i'm a left hander, by the way)
but i wasn't gonna let that stop me!

that's six 3x4 animal phrase cards in .jpg which i believe you'll (sometimes) be able to relate to. and a mystery bonus card - thrown in just for fun! 

for the finishing touch on the cards, i needed to create some animal icons. and once i had them, i wanted to see what more i might do with them. and so- you're also getting this paper pack! now, how cool is that?!

just making sure you don't miss any of the awesome contributions - here's the complete bt list 

i already snagged a couple portions and scrapped a little somethin' somethin':

and finally, i wanted to give a big thanks to all you lovely people for the comments you've left me here. i've so enjoyed reading them & this kind of feedback just makes me wanna create more stuff for you! really appreciate it.

got an animalistic layout in mind, yet?