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hi, there scrappy people and welcome to the latest instalment of pixelscrapper blogtrain!
april theme was so inspiring it actually jump started an entire bundle of kits. so today i'm proud to present my wonderful „fabula“!

focusing more on „writing“ a book, rather than „reading“ one, ideas came rolling one after another and i was able to convay them into a fun set that's aimed at helping you get creative with your storytelling. because „life is an empty book – you fill the pages“.
have you ever approached a scrapbook layout as a novel page? well, this pair of templates should make you feel like an author of your own book. go ahead, give it a try. consider it a little creative excerise.

[download your free copy here]

templates come as customizable 12x12“ layered .psd, .tif and .png files with fun shaped text boxes, some illustrations and a gorgeous watercolor clipping mask.
now to explain the rest of the shebang. while sharing quality freebies has always been satisfying, it als…

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